Weapon Mods - Crafting

There are different types of weapon in Fallout 4: pistols, machine guns, bats and many others. According to information from developers there are about 50 base weapons and over 700 modifications for them! This guide will tell you everything about weapon crafting and modifications.


Everything in Fallout 4 is made of different materials. Most items can be scraped for resources. These resources are essential part of crafting process. There are no dedicated materials for weapon crafting. You will need the same resources you use for building and armor craft. Materials for upgrades can be received by scraping different weapon and other items.

Resource management is rather important in the game. If you don’t have many resources you will have to decide what upgrades you wish to apply. Fortunately there are a lot of different items and objects that can be scrapped.


You need a Weapons Workbench for upgrading weapons. These workbenches can be found in different places of Fallout world and you can use all of them. It is possible transfer such bench to your house or to any other place. After you transfer it you can access it anytime.

Crafting interface is very simple and straightforward. First of all you will see your inventory in the middle part of the screen. This inventory shows all weapons you have. Stats of selected weapon are on the left and current Mods are on the right.

Weapons Workbench

Here is a list of what you can do using Workbench:

  • You can Scrap weapon for resources by pressing X button. The item will be destroyed and you will receive resources instead.
  • You can Modify current item with Mods making it stronger and tweaking its characteristics
  • You can Rename current item to make it more personal.


Each Weapon has definite number of Mod Slots. These slots are used for inserting modifications. For example a Pistol has slots for Capacitor, Barrel, Grip, Sights and Muzzle. Upgrades are very important part of gameplay. They make your weapon much stronger and you can tweak it according to you playing style. If you prefer melee combat you can use Mods that increase melee damage. If you like ranged attacks – use Mods for increasing Ranged damage and accuracy.

Every Modification consumes resources and changes the appearance of an item. For example Tactical Grip for a Pistol costs 3 Adhesive, 4 Fiberglass and 4 Screw. After it is placed your pistol will have new grip.

Most of the improvements require player to have definite crafting rank. Right now there is no information about ranks and we will update this part of the guide later.

Mod System allows to change characteristics of the weapon dramatically. It's one of the most interesting features. For example you can take a simple Plasma Pistol and make a Plasma Sniper Rifle or Automatic Plasma Rifle using definite combination of mods.

As you see the system of upgrades is very interesting. It allows you to build the weapon you need. You will have to master this system if you wish to dominate and be strong.

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