Future Retro

Future Retro is a trophy in Fallout 4. You can earn it if you Play a Holotape Game.

Your Pip-boy can be used for listening different tapes. Some of the tapes are game tapes! You can play these games on your pip-boy. As you see when you launch and play such game for the first time you will get Future Retro achievement. Here is a list of the games you can play:

Atomic Command is a minigame for a Pip-boy in Fallout 4. Airplanes are flying and dropping the bombs on your city. You need to defend the city from bombs. [..]

Red Menace

By: Razor in: Minigame Tapes
Red Menace is a game for a Pip-boy in Fallout 4. All you need to run the game is to place it into the pip-boy. You will see the game on the screen of your PC. [..]

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