Trophies in Fallout 4

When you play Fallout 4 you perform different actions. You interact with the world, you kill enemies, craft and so on. Player receives Trophies as a reward for achieving certain milestones in different areas of the game. When you receive an achievement you don’t receive extra bottle caps or any other value for this. They are just for fun.

Here is a list of trophies you can get in Fallout 4:

Trophy Requirement
...The Harder They FallKill 5 Giant Creatures
...They're Action FiguresCollect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Ad VictoriamComplete Ad Victoriam
Animal ControlKill 300 Creatures
Armed and DangerousCreate 50 Weapon Mods
Benevolent LeaderReach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement
Blind BetrayalComplete Blind Betrayal
Born SurvivorReach Level 5
Commonwealth CitizenReach Level 10
Community OrganizerAlly with 3 Settlements
Dangerous MindsComplete Dangerous Minds
Fix-Er-UpperBuild 100 Workshop Items
Future RetroPlay a Holotape Game
Gun-For-HireComplete 10 Side Quests
Homerun!Get a Homerun
Hunter/HuntedComplete Hunter/Hunted
InstitutionalizedComplete Institutionalized
Legend Of The WastesReach Level 50
LovableReach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
Mankind-RedefinedComplete Mankind-Redefined
MassholeKill 300 People
MercenaryComplete 50 Misc. Objectives
Never Go It AloneRecruit 5 Separate Companions
Nuclear FamilyComplete Nuclear Family
Old GunsComplete Old Guns
Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy
Powering UpComplete Powering Up
Prankster's ReturnPlaced A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
Prepared for the FutureDecide the Fate of the Commonwealth
Print's Not DeadRead 20 Magazines
Ranger CorpsDiscover 100 Locations
ReunionsComplete Reunions
RobCo's Worst NightmareHack 50 Terminals
Rockets' Red GlareComplete Rockets' Red Glare
SanctuaryComplete Sanctuary
ScavverGather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
Semper InvictaJoin the Brotherhood of Steel
Taking IndependenceComplete Taking Independence
The First StepJoin the Minutemen
The Molecular LevelComplete The Molecular Level
The Nuclear OptionComplete The Nuclear Option
They're Not Dolls...Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Touchdown!Get a Touchdown
TradecraftJoin the Railroad
Underground UndercoverComplete Underground Undercover
Unlikely ValentineComplete Unlikely Valentine
Unstoppable WandererReach Level 25
War Never ChangesEnter The Wasteland
Wasteland D.I.Y.Craft 100 Items
What's Yours Is MinePick 50 Locks
When Freedom CallsComplete When Freedom Calls

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    The Nuclear Option… Such wow. This is amazing. I now know the story of fallout 4. This… I cannot even… The amazement is unreal!!! 13 FREAKING DAYS!!!

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