Structures are global category of different objects used for building a settlement. If you know nothing about building we recommend to read special guide: Settlement: Building, Managing, Developing.

When you start playing Fallout 4 you can’t build anything because crafting system is based on rebuilding. That means you need to find a structure in the game, scrap it for resources and then rebuild it on your territory. It's similar to finding a blueprint. The more objects you scrap, the more building options you will have. The list below contains all structures you can find in the game.

Item Materials Def. Skill Required Global Category Category
Floor and Roof (33) Steel: 10
Wood: 10
Wooden Structures Wooden Prefabs
Corner 26 Steel: 12
Wood: 15
Wooden Structures Wooden Prefabs
Corner (27) Steel: 12
Wood: 15
Wooden Structures Wooden Prefabs
Shack Wall - Doorway (45) Steel: 4
Wood: 9
Wooden Structures Wooden Walls
Shack Floor (49) Steel: 2
Wood: 8
Wooden Structures Wooden Floors
Shack Wall and Floor (75) Steel: 4
Wood: 5
Wooden Structures Wooden Walls
Shack Roof (49) Steel: 6
Wood: 4
Wooden Structures Wooden Roofs
Shack Wall - Outer Cap (29) Steel: 9
Wood: 4
Wooden Structures Wooden Walls
Door (999) Screw: 1
Steel: 3
Wood: 3
Wooden Structures Wooden Miscellaneous

Structures and other objects are the main source of different resources. If you scrap a structure you receive resources you can use for building other objects. All resources in the game can be used for many different purposes and that’s why it’s important to scrap.

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