Settlement: Building, Managing, Developing

Crafting system in Fallout 4 is amazing. Player can not only modify and upgrade any pieces of gear but also build new settlements! There is no other RPG that offers such option. This guide will tell you everything about how to "craft" towns, how to manage them, how to develop and defend them from aggressive world.

Your town will be small in the beginning. There will be no citizen there. But it will grow and more NPCs will appear. It’s similar to Fallout Shelter App. You need to provide them with food, water, energy, houses and so on. NPCs don’t just stand and observe. They work and rest. Some of them will be traders, some will be workers and some will be soldiers.

Your city will become larger and sooner or later it will be attacked by raiders. It will be robbed if you didn’t pay enough attention to setting up defense structures and machines.

Reasons to Build

  • First of all it is interesting. Developers put a lot of work into this part of the game and it will bring you a lot of fun.
  • You can place different Trading Posts and attract special NPC traders with unique items. You will definitely be able to benefit from using such stores.
  • You can place crafting stations in the city and you will always have access to these stations.

But nobody forces you to create and develop settlements. It’s your own choice. You can ignore this part of the game and it will not affect the story.

The game allows you to build and develop multiple villages. If you have several big cities it’s possible to organize trading caravans between them.

Materials and Blueprints

Your character appears in the world without any materials but any crafting action in the game requires materials. You will have to explore the world and collect them by scraping objects and items. If you wish to create your own city you will have to spend a lot of different resources.

There are no dedicated resources for building. Almost all resources in Fallout 4 are required for all professions. Here is the complete list of all materials.

Moreover, your character has no blueprints in the beginning. When you scrap a stricture you receive materials and blueprint of this structure and you can rebuild it later. That’s not about strictures only. For example you can’t create a crafting station until you find it in the world and scrap it.

Constructing mechanics is based on rebuilding. You need to find the object somewhere in the world, scrap it and then you can construct it on your territory.

Where to build?

Though the world in Fallout 4 is huge, not all areas are available for constructing city. It looks like there are special areas where it’s possible to set the settlement.

It’s recommended to select a place where it will be easier to protect the city from raiders. For example you can place it near a bank of the river.

Workshop Menu

You need to open special Workshop Menu in order access construction interface. Building itself is very simple. You need to select an object in Workshop Menu, choose a good place for it and place it on the ground. Most of the objects can be placed everywhere but some require special places. For example Water Pump can be placed only in dirt.


Settlement Stats

After you open Workshop Menu you will see all the objects you can construct and characteristics of current city. Characteristics are very important and you need to pay attention to them if you wish to sucseed. Here are the core stats:

City Stats


Shows the number of people in current city. This number grows if the village is attractive, has enough food and is well protected.

It’s great to have large number of NPCs because it allows enlarging the city. NPCs are your workers and the more population you have the more great machines and objects you can build. Some objects and machines in Fallout 4 work independently and don’t require workers, while others require NPCs in order to operate. For example a Guard Tower requires 1 NPC, Trading Stand also requires 1 NPC, you can plant food and NPCs will gather crops and so on.



The amount of food. If it is red there is not enough food and you need to add more food sources.

You can provide citizens with food by planting different plants. All you need is to place a plant to special place and it will start growing. Your NPCs will water it and collect crops. Most of the plants can be placed in dirt only.


The amount of water. If it is red there is not enough water and you need to place more wells and other water sources.

There are different wells and water pumps that allow to produce Water. Very often these wells can be placed in the dirt only.


Shows the amount of electricity. It is required for using advanced machines, lanterns, automatic turrets and so on.

Different machines that consume electricity are one of the most interesting parts of developing settlement. You will need special Power Generators in order to produce energy. The generators can power things through switches. Once the generator is placed it can be connected with the machine by wires.

There are also special terminals that are used for controlling machines. For example you can access turret control panel using terminal.

Machines are important part of the game because they provide player with more opportunities. For example if you place automatic turret it will attack the bandits automatically.


Total level of defense. If red – add more defensive objects.

Surrounding world is aggressive and every city needs protection. You need to create special structures and machines to protect your people from threat. If there is not enough protection, raiders may rob houses and kill your workers.


Number of beds where your people can rest.

All your people must live and rest somewhere. You need to provide them with a place where they can sleep and rest.


Total level of happiness. Depends on how well you construct, develop and protect the settlement.

If people are unhappy you will have difficulties with enlarging population. High level of happiness guarantees that more people will arrive and will stay.


It looks like every village has the cap value of citizens.

When you appear in a place where it is possible to set a new village, all the stats are equal to zero. But after you start building you will notice changes after some time. Pay attention to the stats and everything will be fine.

It also looks like some of the stats like Food, Water and Safety are primary while others are secondary. Primary stats are the most important. For example if you have no food and water you will not be able to attract new people. Secondary stats are important if you wish to create really big settlement.

How to attract more people?

It’s difficult to survive in Fallout 4 world alone. People are looking for a safe place where they can get food, live, work and rest. If you want to attract more people – create such place. Plant different food and provide people with houses. Don’t forget to place beds where NPCs can rest. Pay attention to defense and help your people if the city is under attack. Don’t forget to build better machines, water pumps and so on in order to produce more resources for living.

This guide will be updated once when information about Fallout 4 is available.

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  1. PunyHuman 22 december 2015, 22:26 # +1
    The «Size» indicator is not for citizens, it is for the total number of buildable objects in the settlement. You can reach this cap on especially large builds and even more quickly in places with lots of buildable objects already like the Castle.

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