Resources are global category of different items in Fallout 4. They are required for building and developing your own city. Different resources usually produce something. For example water pump gives your citizens additional water. Power generator gives electricity. Turrets and Guard Posts give extra defense. The list below shows all available resources.

Item Materials Safety Skill Required Category Category
Laser Turret (999) Aluminum: 6
Circuitry: 4
Crystal: 3
Fiber Optics: 4
Gear: 2
Nuclear Material: 3
Screw: 1
+8 Safety Rank 1: Science Defense Turrets
Machinegun Turret (999) Aluminum: 7
Circuitry: 2
Gear: 3
Oil: 1
Screw: 3
Steel: 2
+5 Safety Rank 1: Gun Nut Defense Turrets
Switched Power Pylon Screw: 1
Steel: 2
Rubber: 1
Copper: 3
Wood: 2
Ceramic: 1
Power Connectors and Switches
Construction Light Glass: 2
Steel: 4
Copper: 1
Power Lights
Terminal Aluminum: 4
Circuitry: 2
Screw: 2
Rubber: 2
Copper: 2
Rank 1: Hacker Power Miscellaneous
Guard Tower Steel: 6
Wood: 12
+2 Safety Defense Guard Posts
Generator Small Gear: 2
Screw: 2
Steel: 4
Rubber: 2
Copper: 2
Ceramic: 1
Power Generators
Guard Post 3 Steel: 4
Wood: 10
+2 Safety Defense Guard Posts
Guard Tower 3 Steel: 6
Wood: 12
+2 Safety Defense Guard Posts

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