Pip-Boy - Your in-game PC

Pip-Boy is a mini PC your character uses in Fallout 4 game. This compute allows to brows all important information about your character: his attributes, gear, items, objectives, map and so on. It’s one of the most frequently used item in the game.


When a hero launches the Pip-boy for the first time you can see loading screen with following details:

  • Copyright: 2075 Robco(R)
  • Loader V 1.1
  • Exec Version 41.10
  • 64k RAM System
  • 38911 Bytes Free
  • No Holotape Found
  • Load ROM(1): Deitrix 303

It allows to view following data:

  • Stats – important information about the hero: his Hit Points, Attributes, Level and Experience, Agility Points. You can also view Perks and Status.
  • Inventory – Weapon, Apparel and so on. There are also special Tapes with music you can listen and Tapes with mini-games you can play.
  • Data
  • Map – map of the territory around you.
  • Radio

Buy Collector’s Edition - Get Real Pip-Boy!

Those players who order Collector’s Edition of Fallout 4 will receive a real Pip-Boy! This news was announced at E3 2015 and it’s really amazing. This imitation of in-game PC can be placed on your hand. There will be a special slot where you can insert your smartphone. The smartphone will act like the screen. Then you need to install special iOS or Android application. The application imitates the interface of in-game Pip-boy and can connect your PC, Xbox One or PS4 with your phone. Thus you will be able you use your physical Pip-boy while playing the game!

It looks like the interaction with real device will be similar to interaction with in-game device. All the changes you make in your physical Pip-Boy will appear in the game. For example changing your gear and perform other important actions. All changes made there will be instantly applied to your character within the game. This is amazing! Imagine yourself playing Fallout 4 with a Pip-boy on your hand! This will make the game even more entertaining and will give player much more emotions.

Real Pip-Boy in Collector's Edition

The number of real Pip-Boys will be limited. Right now there is no information about the exact quantity. But don’t worry. The smartphone app will work without the plastic cover. You will be able to connect to the game and use your smartphone while playing.

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