Toughness [Perk]

Toughness is a perk in Fallout 4. Reduce the amount of damage taken by increasing your natural resistance.


  • Rank 1: If nothing else, you can take a beating! Instantly gain +10 Damage Resistance
  • Rank 2: You now have +20 damage resistance.
  • Rank 3: You now have +30 damage resistance.
  • Rank 4: You now have +40 damage resistance.
  • Rank 5: You now have +50 damage resistance.


Significantly reduces normal damage and shock damage, resulting from ballistic and energy weapons respectively. Note that plasma weapons dish out both damage types, and so are far more powerful. Shock damage can also be received from lightning bolts and other electrical sources. This perk is very useful during early stages of gameplay, or for those who do not wish to use power armor or other heavy armor types. Armor can be hard to come by in some of the earlier locations you will visit, increasing the value of this perk even further. The special bonus is useful for melee characters, or when engaging in close quarters combat. This is particularly important when inside buildings, where the effective range of most weapons is greatly reduced.

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