Local Leader [Perk]

Local Leader is a perk in Fallout 4. Adds unique dialogue options used to persuade and lead others, and allows you to build better settlements with more features.


  • As the ruler everyone turns to, you are able to establish supply lines between your workshop settlements.
  • You can build stores and workstations at workshop settlements. (Requirement: Level 14)


Leadership plays a big role in Fallout 4, due to the improved dialogue system, the increased number of factions, and the focus on large-scale combat. This perk allows you to use your leadership skills more effectively by influencing others and providing better settlements to any residents you may have. The dialogue options allow you to access new ways of completing quests and acquiring resources and information, and will also improve your standing with faction leaders.

The crafting options allow you to build far more complex and advanced settlements by making use of additional features such as on-site weapon and armor upgrades, merchants, brahmin caravans, entertainment, and communication systems. The bonus feature of allowing one additional companion can be used in conjunction with any named companion with the exclusion of Dogmeat (who has his own perk), or any combination of temporary companions as described in the respective perks below. Stacks with Attack Dog.

Note that there is an associated bobblehead that will unlock the next available rank when found, which will be identified in-game as Speech Bobblehead.

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