Heavy Gunner [Perk]

Big Guns is a support perk in Fallout 4. 5 Ranks, requires 5 Strength. VB is extending his arm outwards, and is holding a pistol as if ready to take a shot. Both his hand and the pistol appear to be oversized.

Reduced recoil from all ranged weapons allows for better control and more accurate shots. Bonus: Doubles the effective duration of miniguns and gatling lasers before they become overheated


  • Rank 1: Thanks to practice and conditioning, heavy guns do 20% more damage.
  • Rank 2: Heavy guns now do 40% more damage, and have improved hip fire accuracy.
  • Rank 3: Heavy guns now do 60% more damage. Hip fire accuracy is increased even more.
  • Rank 4: Heavy guns now do 80% more damage and have a chance to stagger your opponent.
  • Rank 5: Heavy guns now do double damage.

Oversized or high powered weapons, such as the minigun and gatling laser, can be very difficult to use effectively due to the sheer amount of recoil that they produce. Although there are weapon mods that perform a similar function through the use of either Gun Nut or Science!, this perk will reduce recoil from all ranged weapons by up to half. This will allow you to achieve far greater control and accuracy. Note that, with certain weapons such as pistols or hunting rifles, recoil is far less impacting than on some of the larger or more powerful weapons. The effects of this perk stack with weapon mods, which when combined will allow you to eliminate recoil from most ranged weapons.

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