Fortune Finder [Perk]

Fortune Finder is character perk in Fallout 4. It requires 1 point in Luck. Every character starts the game having at least 1 attribute point in every stat, so you have access to this perk by default. The perk allows to receive more bottle caps (money) from looting corpses and from other sources. If you wish to be rich – this is the first step :)


  • Rank 1: You find more bottle caps in containers.
  • Rank 2: You find even more bottle caps in containers. (Requires: Level 5)
  • Rank 3: You find even more bottle caps in containers. (Requires: Level 25)
  • Rank 4: You find even more bottle caps in containers, and there is a chance of enemies exploding into a shower of caps when you kill them. (Requires: Level 40)

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