Blacksmith [Perk]

Blacksmith is a perk in Fallout 4. Allows to unlock access to better weapon mods. Utilise weapon crafting to modify and repair melee weapons, includes melee components of pistols and rifles. Primary Skill, 4 Ranks, requires 4 Strength. VB is standing at a Weapons Workbench and is working on a combat shotgun.


  • Rank 1: Unlock better weapon crafting. Fire up the forge and gain access to base level and Rank 1 melee weapon mods.
  • Rank 2: Unlock improved weapon crafting. You gain access to Rank 2 melee weapon mods
  • Rank 3: Unlock superior weapon crafting. You gain access to Rank 3 melee weapon mods

The weapons system incorporated into Fallout 4, just like the revised armor system, is now layered. There are around 50 base weapons included in the game, and each of these can be modified in a number of ways according to type and requirement. In the case of hand-worn and hand-held weapons, all associated mods increase damage output by incorporating additional features and components that make use of a variety of damage types. This includes normal, shock, bleeding, poison, fire, cryogenic, limb, and armor piercing damage. There are also a number of mods available that will increase damage caused by the special melee attacks of pistols and rifles, which are applied to the handle of a pistol, the buttstock of a rifle, or the front of a rifle in the form of a bayonet. Most of these mod types require various ranks of the Blacksmith skill. With no ranks, only standard mods are available, but with each successive rank, the quality of available mods increases. All weapon crafting must be carried out at a Weapons Workbench, and required materials must be either in your own inventory, or transferred directly to the workbench inventory. As well as melee weapons, this skill can also be used to craft, modify, and repair bows, and to create arrows.

Weapon repair is now handled very differently than in previous games. Melee weapons no longer degrade in the conventional sense. Instead, as additional or modded components are used to inflict damage on your enemies, they will eventually become ineffective and will need replacing. The base weapon may also need replacing after extended use, but rather than becoming completely ineffective, all base damage will be reduced by half until the item is repaired. Rather than adding to the damage output of a repaired component, increased ranks will instead extend the duration that each component will remain effective. The state of any individual component can be viewed at any time by choosing the 'inspect' option from the weapons menu. Any component that is in a reduced state will be highlighted in amber, and any that is no longer effective will be highlighted in red. Basic repairs can be carried out without taking any ranks. Certain NPCs will also repair items for a fee.

Note that there is a set of 5 unique skill books that will unlock the next available rank when found, as well as a unique schematic, as detailed above.

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