Better Criticals [Perk]

Better Criticals is character perk in Fallout 4. It requires 6 points in Luck. Right now there is no information about what this perk does and how it works. We can speculate: it may increase damage dealt by your critical shots and sometimes even kill the enemy instantly.

  • Rank 1: Advanced training for enhanced combat effectiveness! Criticals do 50% more extra damage.
  • Rank 2: Your criticals now do twice as much extra damage. (Requires: Level 15)
  • Rank 3: Your criticals now do 2.5x as much extra damage. (Requires: Level 40)

Comments (1)

  1. DerpKing 15 november 2015, 02:35 # 0
    This is really good. once you crit does 50% more extra damage. so your crit could end up 1 shot killing somebody or something.

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