Awareness [Perk]

Awareness is a perk in Fallout 4. Slow down time in V.A.T.S. in order to choose better shots and make better tactical decisions. Bonus: Displays tactical information on highlighted enemy.


  • Rank 1: To defeat your enemies, know their weaknesses! You can view a target's specific damage resistances in V.A.T.S.


Third rank adds tactical information on any highlighted enemy. This displays their level and any resistances, including Damage Resistance for normal weapons, and Shock Resistance for energy based weapons. Note that Shock Resistance also protects against lightning and electrical damage. In the example shown in the E3 demo, the targeted ‘Raider Scum’ is level 4, with 16 DR and 23 SR.

Because V.A.T.S. no longer pauses the game, the whole process now requires a certain amount of strategic thinking in terms of which enemy you choose to target, and where and how you apply damage. This perk allows you the extra time needed to make those decisions by slowing down time whenever you are in V.A.T.S. mode. Note that the bonus effect can actually be seen in action during the E3 demo, and will allow for an even greater level of tactical planning. This additional information is available whenever V.A.T.S. is initiated, and so can even be used by those who focus mainly on real-time combat. Let’s say that you are hiding in sneak mode and can see three enemies. You will quickly be able to find out which one presents the greatest challenge, and so will be able to plan your attack accordingly.

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