Adamantium Skeleton [Perk]

Adamantium Skeleton is a perk in Fallout 4. Reduce limb damage caused by melee attacks, ranged attacks, and explosions. Requires 7 Endurance. The perk has 3 ranks.


  • Your skeleton has been infused with indestructible metal, reducing limb damage by 30%.
  • Your limb damage is now reduced by 60%. (Requirement: Level 13)
  • Your limb damage is completely eliminated. (Requirement: Level 26)


Limb damage has a direct impact on how we function in normal gameplay. A crippled head causes disruption to our hearing and vision, as well as lowering our Perception. A crippled torso lowers our resistance to all types of damage, as well as our Endurance. Crippled arms reduces melee damage, weapon accuracy, and Strength. And crippled legs reduce movement rate, jumping height and distance, and Agility. This perk lowers the impact of limb damage caused by melee attacks, ranged attacks, and explosions.

Note that this includes any special weapons or attacks that target limb damage, but does not include damage from falling. The special bonus adds a regeneration effect that will gradually restore all limb damage over time when not in combat, including sleeping but not waiting. This can be very useful if you are low on stimpaks and have access to a bed.

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