Feral Ghoul

Feral Ghouls are mindless ghouls who due to exposure to large amounts of radiation have lost their sanity and are now hostile to everyone.

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  1. SpiritofLT 28 november 2015, 10:46 # 0
    Feral Ghouls are a common enemy encountered in Fallout 4 and pose no real threat unless encountered in a group. In game Ghouls are humans who've lost sanity due to heavy radiation exposure and attack anything that moves. When fighting a Ghoul it will try to run and use a «tackle» attack, if the attack hits it will not only cause normal damage but radiation poisoning aswell. Ghouls drop various items upon death like Junk,Ammo, and Caps. Ghouls can also be delimbed by shooting or cutting off their arms&legs. Ghouls will usually be lvl 3 unless you encounter a variant

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