Deathclaws are the hideous result of a pre-war experiment to make soldiers to replace humans on the battlefield.

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  1. SpiritofLT 28 november 2015, 21:01 # 0
    Deathclaws are not too rare in Fallout 4 and may be a formidable foe if encountered at the wrong level. Deathclaws were originally Chameleons before the war and were experimented on to replace men on the field of battle. Deathclaws are adapt named for their razor sharp claws on their hands but can also pin you and even body slam you. Deathclaws do have a weakness, if you cripple its tail it will lose balance and begin crawling, giving you an advantage. Upon death Deathclaws can drop meat and one of their hands, sometimes junk can be found aswell. The lvl of a Deathclaw can vary. Hope this helps!

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