Assaultrons are pre-war military robots which have a very humanoid shape. In Fallout 4 Assaultrons are found in building or with certain enemies like Gunners. An Assaultron attacks by quickly running at you and hitting you with its hands, the Assaultron can also charge up an eye beam and fire it from a distance. An Assaultron is pretty armored and take quite a few bullets before destroyed, the only weaknesses of an Assaultron are its arms and legs, destroying its legs will only slow it down and destroying the arms is bad. If both arms of an Assaultron are destroyed, it will enter a self destruct mode and run at you, the result is a short-range fiery blast. Assaultrons are Level 24 and upon death will drop steel,nuclear material, etc. but also has its own unique circuit-board which gives 5 circuitry. Hope this helps!

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