Spring [Material]

Spring is a useful material for different crafting mods in Fallout 4. Also used for building houses and other objects.

ID of Spring: 00069082

Mod Item Slot Required
Standard Barrel Minigun barrel 8
Standard Launcher Fat Man barrel 6
Accelerated Barrel Minigun barrel 10
MIRV Launcher Fat Man barrel 7
Tri Barrel Minigun barrel 14
Recoil Compensating Stock Junk Jet stock 11
Standard Magazine Pipe Pistol magazine 1
Recoil Compensating Stock Assault Rifle stock 8
Large Magazine Pipe Pistol magazine 2
Standard Magazine Assault Rifle magazine 4
Hair Trigger Receiver 10mm Pistol receiver 6
Drum Magazine Assault Rifle magazine 6
Marksman's Stock Plasma Pistol stock 3
Marksman's Stock Laser Pistol stock 3
Recoil Compensating Stock Laser Pistol stock 6
Standard Magazine 10mm Pistol magazine 2
Large Magazine 10mm Pistol magazine 4
Quick Eject Mag 10mm Pistol magazine 5
Large Quick Eject Mag 10mm Pistol magazine 6
Hair Trigger Receiver Pipe Pistol receiver 3
Object Category Required

You know other items for scrapping Spring? Please add them in comments below. Help others to find the material faster.

Comments (2)

  1. oo ATUM oo 13 november 2015, 10:48 # 0
    1. Luna 14 november 2015, 10:36 # 0
      Battered clipboard — 1
      Fishing rod — 1
      Giddyup buttercup back leg — 2
      Giddyup buttercup body — 2
      Giddyup buttercup head — 2
      Kitchen scale — 3
      Spring — 1
      Toaster — 2

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