Fiberglass [Material]

Fiberglass - material used for building and modifying armor and weapon in Fallout 4. You will definitely need a lot of it for upgrading your weapons.

ID of Fiberglass: 000AEC61

Mod Item Slot Required
Improved Short Barrel Laser Pistol barrel 2
Tactical Grip Laser Pistol grip 4
Marksman's Stock Plasma Pistol stock 10
Marksman's Stock Laser Pistol stock 10
Improved Long Barrel Laser Pistol barrel 5
Improved Assault Barrel Laser Pistol barrel 7
Fine-tuned Beam Focuser Laser Pistol muzzle 7
Recoil Compensating Stock Laser Pistol stock 11
Object Category Required

You know other items for scrapping Fiberglass? Please add them in comments below. Help others to find the material faster.

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