Copper [Material]

Copper - material in Fallout 4. Used for construction purposes and for different weapon and armor modifications.

ID of Copper: 0006907C

Mod Item Slot Required
Short Light Barrel Pipe Pistol barrel 2
Recoil Compensating Stock Pipe Pistol stock 6
Long Light Barrel Pipe Pistol barrel 4
Short Ported Barrel Pipe Pistol barrel 5
Long Ported Barrel Pipe Pistol barrel 5
Long Finned Barrel Pipe Pistol barrel 6
Object Category Required
Switched Power Pylon Connectors and Switches 3
Generator Small Generators 2
Terminal Miscellaneous 2
Construction Light Lights 1

You know other items for scrapping Copper? Please add them in comments below. Help others to find the material faster.

Comments (1)

  1. Luna 14 november 2015, 09:59 # 0
    Blue table lamp — 1
    Bone cutter — 1
    Copper — 1
    Light bulb — 1
    Yellow table lamp — 1

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