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Fallout 4 World Map

This page will contain Fallout 4 Map when the game comes out. But right now we can only tell you some information about the game world, map size and graphic engine.

There will be no restrictions. Player’s freedom is absolute #1 goal for developers. You will explore the most ambitious and detailed game world that Bethesda had ever made. The game takes place in Boston and around the city. There will be a lot of different places to visit.

The game uses next generation version of Creation Engine. The engine features dynamic lightning and physical based rendering. This new engine allows developers to avoid large number of loading screens.

Skyrim had many loading screens and fans were complaining that it influences game atmosphere. There will not be many loading screens in the game. Todd Howard the director for Fallout 4, said that there will not be loading screen when you enter Boston. And there are a lot of different buildings there. You can enter these buildings and there will not be any loading screens.

Skyrim Map vs Fallout Map

Many players wondering if the size of map in new Fallout is larger than in Skyrim. Todd Howard in his interview to DigitalSpy told that they didn’t measure it and thus didn’t compare. He said that the map in Skyrim is huge and full of big mountains. A player has to go around such mountains. Fallout is has flatter landscape. And there will be tall buildings in the game and a lot of such buildings will be opened for exploration. In general the territory size in Fallout 4 is almost the same to Skyrim’s territory.

The Pre-War Hub made a research based on in-game footage and screenshots. They came to conclusion that the scale of the map in the game is 1/3 (maybe a bit larger) compared to the size of real territory around Boston. They think that the overall size will be about 30 square miles. Almost 2 times larger than in Skyrim.

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    Here's a version of the map from the Prima Stratagy guide

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