In Commonwealth

35 Court
Abandoned shack
Abernathy farm
Andrew station
ArcJet Systems
Atlantic Offices

Back Alley Camp
BADTFL regional office
Beantown Brewery
Big John's salvage
Boxing Gym
Boylston Club
Breakheart Banks
Bridgeway Trust
Brookline building

C.I.T. ruins
Cabot House
Cambridge Academic Center
Cambridge Baseball Diamond
Cambridge campus diner
Cambridge construction site
Cambridge crater
Cambridge graveyard
Cambridge hardware store
Cambridge police station
Cambridge polymer labs
Cambridge raider base
Cambridge warehouse
Camp Kendall
Campus law offices
Capsized factory
Charles View Amphitheater
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir
Choice Chops
Christopher Columbus Park
Coast Guard Pier
Coastal cottage
College Square
Collegiate administration building
Combat Zone
Commonwealth Bank
Crab Shack
Cutler Bend

Decayed reactor site
Decrepit factory
Drumlin Diner

Federal Supply Cache 84NE
Flagon Tunnel
Forgotten church
Founder's Triangle

Hangman's Alley
Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church
Hugo's Hole

Kendall Hospital
Kendall parking garage

Lil' Gentry playground

Major crossroad

O'Neill family manufacturing

Pizza Parlour

Quincy Quarries

Radio Tower 3SM-U81
Raider Alleyway outpost
Red Rocket truck stop
Relay Tower 1DL-109
Rocky cave

Science Center gift shop
Sentinel site
Skylanes Flight 1665
Subway station
Sunshine Tidings co-op

Tenpines Bluff
The House of Tomorrow
Thicket excavations
Ticker Tape Lounge

Vertibird wreckage


Traders in Commonwealth

NPC trader

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