Graphics and Engine

Graphics is a very important aspect of any game. When the first Fallout 4 trailer was released fans started to complain that graphics looks too cartoony. If you watch the trailer once more paying attention to graphics you will see that it’s not perfect. It’s 2015 and there are a lot of games with much better graphics… Yes, picture in Fallout 4 doesn’t look very realistic, but there is a reason why.

Every decision game developers make is about balancing a game and making it playable. Nowadays, computers and consoles have limited technical resources. If the game is too complicated it will not run smoothly because of technical limits. That’s why Fallout 4 looks cartoony. The world has a lot of details and there are a lot of different objects that can be destroyed. You can scrap buildings, machines and so on. You can build your cities in different places. You can interact with the world.

Such level of interactivity requires strong PCs. If developers made graphics better (and they could do it) leaving the same amount of details and opportunities, even strongest computers will fail running such game. Fallout allows players to interact with objects in the world like no other game does. That’s why graphics doesn’t look fantastic. Developers decided to impress player with large number of objects and large number of things player can do. But they had to pay for this.

Players can do whatever they want. They can explore the world, trade, build and rebuild cities, develop them, kill monsters, craft and so on. There are a lot of dynamic objects in the game and this sets a lot of technical restrictions.

Dark Colors?

Many of the game fans expected Fallout 4 to be dark. That’s not a surprise – previous games were dark and looked really post-apocalyptic. Players associate post-apocalyptic world with dark grey colors. But the first Fallout 4 trailer had shown that the game is not dark at all! Most of the places look naturally. The sky is blue and the world is full of light. But there is no green grass and forests. In general the world looks great.


Not all game zones have such appearance. There is a dark and depressing area – a place where the bomb fell. This zone is expected to be dark and it will be.

Graphic Engine

The game uses next-generation version of Bethesda’s Creation Engine. This information was confirmed at E3 Bethesda’s Press Conference. The same technology powered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Note, that this is not the same engine that was used in Skyrim. It is a modified version.

The creation Engine itself is an upgraded version of Gamebryo engine that was used in Fallout 3, and Oblivion. Gamebryo (Fallout 3) -> Creation (Skyrim) -> Modified version of Creation Engine (Fallout 4). This fact may look strange but we know that the game has been developed since 2009.


On the other hand, the engine evolves and becomes better. Creation Engine satisfied all Skyrim fans and we think that its modified version will also satisfy all Fallout 4 fans. The game looks good enough and has a lot of dynamic objects to interact with. There are a lot of things for a player to do. Gameplay will be interesting and all fans will be satisfied.

Will Fallout 4 be similar to previous games? In general yes. The engine is almost the same. Though it was modified several times, you will see many familiar details.

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