Furniture is an important part of building in Fallout 4. When you finish the building you can decorate it with different objects like beds, chairs, wardrobes and so on. This part is optional and nobody will force you to decorate the house, but your home will look much comfortable if you pay attention to decorations.

All furniture is optional except beds. Beds are required for increasing population of the settlement. If you wish your village to be big, you should pay attention to placing enough beds.

Item Materials Skill Required Category
Bed (999) Screw: 1
Steel: 4
Airplane Seat (999) Aluminum: 5
Screw: 2

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  1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 12:14 # 0
    Whats with the (999) numbers? What's the point telling how many beds or seats you can build based on someone's save game?

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