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Blurshadow Rating: 34.50
Can some1 explain me how to salvage stuff? In E3 presentation hero had salvaged the whole house, but i cant salvage a single tire, only weapons/armor +junk i've found (e.g. toasters, fans,cans and so on). Maybe any1 figured this process and i'm a bit retard… I,m using PC version.

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  1. Razor 10 november 2015, 15:50 # 0
    You need to find a workshop. Or you need to enter an area where it's possible to build, press V to enter workshop menu and start scrapping tghings. It looks like you can scrap a structure if it is destroyed.
    1. Blurshadow 11 november 2015, 09:21 # 0
      Thx for the info, although u can find it in help section of the game.

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