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F4 is going to have lots of bobbleheads. I wonder, is there bobblehead for every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat?
In this case we can lower premade character stats by 1 to every single stat, so we will have 7 free stats to distribute. Also, i wonder is there any way to increase your stats like in FNV(clinic surgery)?
Any info?

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  1. Senno 04 november 2015, 01:43 # 0
    There is no known data about ways to increase your perks other than by levelling up. Yes, there will be bobbleheads in the game, much like the previous titles.
    1. Blurshadow 04 november 2015, 02:15 # 0
      the thread is not about increasing perks, but increasing stats.
      1. Senno 04 november 2015, 10:53 # 0
        Quite apart from getting bobbleheads, I dont see how you could. Or why Bethesda would allow you. If you allowed characters to max all their S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats — they aren't really a character anymore. The reason an RPG like Fallout can work is that you can tailor them to how you want to play. Not be everything for everyone.
        1. Blurshadow 04 november 2015, 12:20 # 0
          U dont get the point… In FNV u could get extra stats via surgery in clinic and with a perk, so u won't max all your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, but u will get some extra. So the question is: is there a way to get EXTRA STATS, and if it is then how many and which?
          1. Senno 04 november 2015, 14:41 # 0
            That's unknown — I suppose so. But the possibility of such a system shouldn't prevent you or change how you want to create your character.
            1. Blurshadow 04 november 2015, 17:16 # 0
              In this case i will find a way to increase some S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats then i will go reroll. So i want to know b4 release date, how many stats is possible to increase?
              1. Senno 05 november 2015, 03:11 # 0
                Like I said — it's an unknown. Surely Bethesda would like to keep as many details regarding character creation secret? It is only a few days until release, remember. (OMG — only a few days!). If we all knew exactly how to maximize our characters and where we could go to do so, it would put a damper on the idea of discovery. These facts will come in time.
    2. Blurshadow 04 november 2015, 22:59 # 0
      Looked through the gameplay trailer, and it seems that u CAN inrease ur stats by spending perk point in it, so in this case u can pay attention only on stuff you need just on start, so then u can tune up ur stats by leveling.
      Still no info about bobbleheads and their bonuses…
      1. Vault 08 november 2015, 17:37 # 0
        Would you say I am correct in assuming that if in Strength(example) I did not want to expand into level 2 and 3 of the rank I could skip that and just focus on the level I want?
        That still would leave me with 57 levels needed just for the levels of the perks I want. With 50 levels only that would mean being careful when what to level and to max.
        Am I understanding this wrong?
        1. Blurshadow 09 november 2015, 19:56 # 0
          The thing is that u gain lvl 1 perk rank just if u have the correct SPECIAL requirement. So for example on lvl 10 STR you will have all the Str perk on lvl 1 for free. But i don't recommend to max any perk, just because of stat bobblehead. Cause there will be a bobblehead for every stat, so this will b a waste of stat/perk point.
          And of course as some1 mentioned in other thread: «there will be no maximum lvl»
          The most sad thing in fallout 4 that there will be no skills, at least in mobile pip-boy in demo mode there are no skills, so Bethesda making it more casual for goddamn consoles… This is SO-O-O-O SAD…

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