Can you use VATS for targeted melee attacks?

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  1. SmoothSkin111 01 november 2015, 12:07 # 0
    You could in previous games so of course you will be able to. I'm just hoping you can target certain body parts in vats with a melee weapon cause you couldn't in F3 or NV, you'd just target the whole body.
    1. oo ATUM oo 01 november 2015, 13:10 # 0
      Thanks for replying. I can barely recall anything from F3 :-/ My fingers crossed too for a body part specific VATS in melee.
      1. Whalwing25 01 november 2015, 20:11 # 0
        Hmmmm. The only video that the melee combat is shown in VATS is the Big Leagues vid. The only problem is they only show the outcome.
      2. Senno 02 november 2015, 01:14 # 0
        You could in previous games. In fact, it was very popular and a very valid strategy, especially in indoor areas. While unconfirmed, I see no reason why it would no longer be available.
        1. oo ATUM oo 03 november 2015, 11:31 # 0
          That sounds promising. Do you think you'll be able to target separate body parts?

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