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Is their ever going to be an Inbox System? and can you add a support section so we can ask for help if needed? I think it would benefit the site very much

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  1. Fives 21 october 2015, 21:22 # 0
    Tbh it would help a little but its not that major, depending on how you look at it. However i will vote for this :)
    1. TheMadHatter 21 october 2015, 22:25 # 0
      That might be cool, but there are just as many negatives as positives…
      1. Razor 21 october 2015, 22:57 # 0
        Inbox System: please, tell me more what you mean. Private Messages?

        Support Section: Right now we have Errors and Bugs section. Maybe it is better to transform this section into Help / Support (including help with bugs and errors)? What do you think?
        1. TheMadHatter 21 october 2015, 23:16 # 0
          Why not both? 'Errors and Bugs' and 'Support'? They will both be needed at some point.
          1. Razor 21 october 2015, 23:24 # 0
            Well, both are solving quite similar tasks and I think many people will be posting their bugs and asking for “technical” help in Support section.
            1. TheMadHatter 21 october 2015, 23:26 # 0
              I see what you're saying. You should specify if you're talking about 'Errors and Bugs' in-game or on this site. Like, 'Errors and bugs (In-Game)' and 'Errors and bugs' or something like that. Then 'Support' would deal with just site related issues.
          2. Whalwing25 23 october 2015, 17:20 # 0
            I think it could help, especially for admins. We would be able to get info to each other quickly.
            1. Razor 23 october 2015, 21:19 # 0
              I don’t think that Private Messages is what the website really needs. Such upgrades make the site more difficult to manage. I was admin of several forums before and I know that only some community members use PMs. In most cases such feature is useless.

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