Are there going to be alternet endings?

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do you guys think that there are going to be alternet endings in fallout 4. Like the endings in fallout 3 like where you scrifice your self. Plz tell me i want to know

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  1. TheMadHatter 21 october 2015, 21:19 # +1
    Yes there has been confirmed 8 or so endings that are COMPLETELY different. Not including endings that have only slight changes haven't/won't be released, probably…
    1. Fives 21 october 2015, 21:30 # +3
      And the choices you make will affect the ending you get at the end of FO4 so choose wisely or to whatever you think your character would choose.
      1. Senno 22 october 2015, 04:58 # 0
        It has been confirmed to have multiple endings, both good and bad, and endings for each of the companions. Much like New Vegas. It has been standard for the series, so I don't see why it would be any different with the latest one.
        1. Mitchhope 06 november 2015, 19:12 # 0
          You've just reminded me that there were companion quest lines in New Vegas. how they make a return.

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