Australia first?

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In some ways, being an Australian is a advantage. Being a +10 on the timeline means we could theoretically be well on our way through the game before the U.S. even checks it out of the store. It happened with Halo 3, I remember well. I completed the game before a friend of mine was even able to get his copy. He was peeved about that. Still got plenty of multiplayer in, though.

But anyway, do you think they'll follow the natural time of day with release, or have staggered times so we all get started at the same moment?

Because if it's the former — you Americans will want to not be looking at the internet in the last 24 hours. Spoilers everywhere.

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  1. TheMadHatter 18 october 2015, 08:22 # 0
    Well Japan gets it in december soooo… yeah… And yes time is staggered for eu/au/us
    1. Neo 20 october 2015, 15:46 # +1
      I'm hoping that Canada is getting it near first :/
      Me and Fives are really hyped >_< We want it to come to Canada as fast as possible

      It will go to Australia though
      1. Fives 21 october 2015, 00:59 # 0
        Canada is defiantly close to top of the list, I don't think iv seen this many people hyped over a game other then Halo 5 which I don't think is as good as they made it out to be :I
        1. Grizzo88 21 october 2015, 11:36 # 0
          AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!! stoked to live in australia for another reason now
          1. Micha 21 october 2015, 11:56 # 0
            In todays world, there's no reason why you couldn't have a global simultaneous launch; at least via digital media. I guess local distributors would not like that though.
            1. pantera1222 25 october 2015, 14:48 # 0
              they have done that for other games but they said this would be local time so

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