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Will there be backpacks in Fallout 4? Hmm…

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  1. Fives 16 october 2015, 20:19 # +1
    No it may be a clothing item but it wont hold anything as far as i know, the inventory system will stay the same.
    1. TheMadHatter 16 october 2015, 21:07 # 0
      Well yeah the inv. system is the same. But there could be backpacks or something because remember. You can now use brahmin to move supplies from one place to another. That to me says you can extend your carrying capacity too.
      1. Neo 16 october 2015, 21:11 # 0
        Here's a Reddit link about Back Packs.

        It's just a general thread revolving if they should add them, or if theirs a mod in previous games. When the Source Pack comes out for FO4 than maybe someone will just add them in :3
        1. Fives 16 october 2015, 21:11 # +1
          Well you cant put your stuff on brahmans, you set trading routes for people to travel to your other settlements to sell things there for you.
          1. TheMadHatter 16 october 2015, 21:16 # 0
            Who knows if you can put your stuff in them or not? That's the thing. I do know you can set trade routes, but I also think you can have a pack brahmin follower or something similar on your caravans…
          2. SmoothSkin111 16 october 2015, 23:49 # 0
            I think the highest rank of the Strong Back perk might add a bookbag giving you unlimited storage or something of that nature. It would make sense to be able to have a bookbag in an apocalyptic setting cause you shouldn't be able to store everything you find in your skin tight vault suit lol. I play a lot of DayZ and Miscreated I'm always finding bookbags to store all of my ammo, food and other supplies in.

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