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Can the member page be edited so that it shows which members are admins please?

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  1. Whalwing25 13 october 2015, 18:29 # 0
    I know Razor is an Admin/Owner but I think that might be it. Razor is very useful and is awesome at getting info into the database. Revan might as well be an admin he is really useful also. Revan has an awesome YouTube channel called The Pre-War Hub also. (I am NOT an admin!)
    1. Razor 13 october 2015, 18:34 # 0
      I am the only administrator right now. Revan is owner of YouTube channel we are partnering with. He is not an admin.

      I will think about editing Members list. This is not my #1 task but I think that this is possible.
      1. Whalwing25 13 october 2015, 18:59 # 0
        Keep up the great work Razor!
        1. Razor 13 october 2015, 19:24 # 0
          Thanks for supporting Whalwing25!
        2. Revan 13 october 2015, 19:20 # 0
          If you are ever in need of admins or mods I would be more than happy to assist. I have a lot of extra time and I would be more than happy to work on adding in wiki pages and logging all the new info when Fallout 4 comes out :)
          1. Razor 13 october 2015, 19:23 # 0
            Thanks Revan. The site really needs more admins. I know that you and Whalwing25 are willing to contribute. I will definitely work something out soon.
            1. Fives 13 october 2015, 22:43 # 0
              If you do need some more admins mind adding me to the list? I will help in anyway I can :)
              Besides I'm mostly checking out forums from here anyway so I'm usually on :3
              1. Razor 13 october 2015, 23:26 # 0
                Ok, thanks for offering your help!
                1. Mitchhope 22 october 2015, 17:41 # 0
                  I'm also willing to help if you need more. Although I don't have any experience as an admin, I do have experince runnning a website.
                  1. Razor 22 october 2015, 18:09 # 0
                    Thanks for offering your help! I think we need people. The release is soon and there will be a lot to do after the game is live. You are trusted community member and I will be happy to accept you into admins.
          2. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 13:23 # 0
            Just noticed you have just added a admin tag to your name on the member list since I last refreshed the webpage 20 mins ago. Good to know that you listen to what the community say unlike a lot of other sites.
            1. Razor 15 october 2015, 14:07 # 0
              Yes I added the tag according to your request))) This site was created not for me, it’s for the community.

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