Crafted weapons for companions?

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I wonder if you will be able to equip your allies with your own gun creations?

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  1. Razor 13 october 2015, 10:49 # 0
    That’s a good and interesting question! On my opinion this would be a great feature! As you know we could equip our companions in Skyrim. I think we can expect to see similar mechanics in Fallout 4. This would be great.
    1. Whalwing25 13 october 2015, 17:33 # 0
      I would guess you could. That would be really cool though!
    2. Mitchhope 13 october 2015, 17:59 # 0
      Well you could in Fallout 3 and New Vegas so I don't see why you wouldn't.
      1. Sam 13 october 2015, 19:03 # 0
        Like they said its not a new concept but it deffinatly makes it much more interesting with the crafting system
        1. Fives 13 october 2015, 22:46 # 0
          It will most likely be skyrim based where you may gove you companions some weapons but nothing exotic and hig damaging.
          1. Senno 15 october 2015, 15:08 # 0
            I always used my companions as extra storage, and they always equipped the best gear I gave them, so I don't see why not.

            What would be cool would be to see Dogmeat equipped with a knife, ala Diamond Dog from MGS V. haha

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