Brotherhood of Steel?

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Any idea If there are going to be brotherhood of steel bases through out boston? that vertibird has to come from somewhere an that huge metel that the wanderer is standing beside as it is crashing in flames in one of the E3 videos is also maybe BHOS too so where did that come from?

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  1. Whalwing25 13 october 2015, 14:46 # 0
    It is all brotherhood of steel. I think it is probably a safe bet to say that there are bases. Kind of a weird question to ask though
    1. Revan 13 october 2015, 17:23 # 0
      Doing an analysis video on this. Should be out later tonight or early next morning.
      1. Fives 13 october 2015, 17:52 # 0
        Ok send me the link please I am interested in knowing of the BHOS are in fact an enemy In FO4
        1. Revan 13 october 2015, 19:16 # 0
          No enemy in Fallout is an «enemy». It jst depends on who you side with. The BoS could be an enemy in any Fallout game depending on how you play.
      2. Mitchhope 13 october 2015, 18:01 # 0
        Well in the gameplay trailer the MC is attacking the BHOS in a vertiberd there is a chance but that may just be Bethesda attacking them to aggro them to make people think that they are enemies.

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