Is Dogmeat the only companion?

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Companion mechanics is great. It allows the game to be more entertaining. Having an NPC in your party is always good. Companion allows to complete quests and kill enemies faster.

From what I have seen in Fallout 4 related videos I know that there will be at least one companion: Dogmeat. It will follow you and you can command it. But will there be other followers / companions? Will it be possible to hire someone else? I like the dog but I would like to be able to hire a human :)

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  1. Razor 15 september 2015, 15:28 # +1
    Todd Howard told that there will be about 12 companions available. The exact list of their names is unknown yet but one of them was revealed: woman named Piper. BTW, it will be possible to romance companions :)
    1. Noisy 17 september 2015, 13:29 # 0
      12 companions – not bad. But what if your companion is killed? Is there a way to resurrect him or you lose him permanently?
      1. Razor 17 september 2015, 16:44 # 0
        I only know that the dog cannot die. What about other companions? There is no information. Maybe they will be knocked out if they take heavy damage.

        On the one hand it’s not a good idea to let companions die because most of the players will reload the game. On the other hand there may be several levels of difficulty and each may have different rules for companions. The most difficult may let companions die forever…
      2. Fives 13 october 2015, 23:18 # +2
        I like how the fact to romance companions is now a thing, like in Dragon age origions where you had to build up a trust by giving them gifts and doing options that gained there respect if you. Maybe you have to do the same for FO4 :3
      3. Senno 02 october 2015, 14:06 # 0
        In a video narrated by the game's director, it is confirmed that Codsworth, your Mr Handy, will be a companion. It was also confirmed that he can be killed by the player. I have to assume the same is correct of all companions, excepting dogmeat.
        1. Green Gustavo 12 october 2015, 19:34 # 0
          I assume you'll have a childhood friend a head over heels «lover» and some sort of wasteland mutant as for the rest of the companions I have no clue
          1. Sam 13 october 2015, 19:54 # 0
            Kinda glad that the dog cant die...i about threw my controler the first time i had a dog die in skyrim...annoyed the hell iut of me haha
            1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 23:21 # 0
              No, dogmeat isn't the only companion. There are 12 in total, so far. :)

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