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I just recently noticed that my collected junk stays at the work bench / settlement I leave it at. I thought it was suppose to all be accessible from any station! Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just missing something? I think it's crazy to have to go collecting everything I've already collected, just to build up my main settlement.

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  1. Twisted 26 november 2015, 12:09 # 0
    With the local leader perk the inventory of the workbench can be shared.
    Your junk stays at your workbench until broken down into pieces for building your settlement.
    And you need to keep collecting junk. As your junk will deplete while building stuff.
    1. Gamedad 26 november 2015, 19:13 # 0
      Thank you. I'll work towards that next. See if it works.
    2. Razor 26 november 2015, 15:12 # 0
      From what I know you need to establish supply routes. Settlements connected with supply routes share their workshop inventory. This will require Charisma level 6 and Local Leader perk.
      1. Gamedad 26 november 2015, 19:15 # 0
        I appreciate the tip. I was planning on building charisma up soon anyway :)
        1. Nechrom 03 december 2015, 09:57 # +1
          That's not completely correct. While you can connect workshop inventories using supply routes, the inventories still stay separate when it comes to manual access.
          What this means is:

          You can build your settlement using resources in connected settlements.
          You can craft items using resources in connected settlements.
          You can upgrade your weapons/armor using resources in connected settlements.

          You can NOT manually remove or add items to/from a settlement inventory than the one you are currently at.

          This effectively means that anything pulling resources automatically for any kind of crafting will do so remotely from connected settlements, but you can for example not take out stimpacks from another connected settlements inventory manually. Browsing a settlement's inventory will also not show items in connected settlement inventories.

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