How to recruit John Hancock?

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Any idea which quests to do?
Upon arrival I've done his quest. Returned to Goodneighbor and he keeps telling me a standard line.
With no reference to a new quest to get him as a companion.
So are there additional quests in Goodneighbor to do to get him as your companion?
Perhaps I missed a thing or two in one of the dialogues after the quest.

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  1. Mitchhope 23 november 2015, 15:38 # 0
    To get him you have to do the quest which is started through a ghoul named Bobbie. You find her just to the right as you enter Goodneighbor. This was the quest which I was given the option to get him as a follower, but I had already done all the Goodneighbor quests before doing this one.
    1. sveer 23 november 2015, 15:47 # 0
      Thanks alot!
      1. Twisted 24 november 2015, 11:33 # 0
        Thanks a lot!
        I have the quest partly done with Bobbie, up to the point that you will have to eat some noodles at Diamond City. But then decided to do some main quests upon arrival in Diamond City…

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