Companions as defense in settlements

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Quick question, if you send a companion to a certain settlement, do they automatically defend the settlement and remain invincible? Or do you need to assign them to I.E. a guard post?
Any reports of them dying while in a settlement?

I know Preston patrols the Sanctuary, Dogmeat does the same at Red Rocket.
Preston is currently my companion(intend to let him defend Sanctuary with dogmeat), Intend to pick up Nick Valentine and place him on one of my farm settlements and head out with the Ghoul from Neighbor(once I find the damn settlement, seems I keep missing the place). Gotta love the new Charon, shotgun, rad-proof and got a weak spot for Ghouls.

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  1. Nechrom 16 november 2015, 16:02 # 0
    None of your potential followers can die under any circumstances even if they are not currently following you. From personal experience neither can your settlers. Worst case scenario is that your settlement gets all its crops, water sources and defenses destroyed in an attack.
    Every follower and settler will defend their assigned settlement regardless of their job. Whether or not you assign them to guard posts only matters for their initial position should an attack come and the defense value they award the settlement.
    A 10 population settlement with everyone outfitted with good gear but lacking any guard posts or turrets will do just fine in the event of an attack. But at the same time you'll have low happiness and more frequent attacks due to the low defense score. A bit counter-intuitive but that's how it is.

    I'm doing a Lone Wolf run myself so I let all my potential followers stay home, with the exception of Dogmeat. But even he is starting to grate on me after the 100th time blowing my stealth.
    1. Twisted 16 november 2015, 17:39 # 0
      Thanks! And excellent!
      So easiest is just to stack them in your settlements, those that you don't use.
      I've only had 1 attack of Ferals on the Ant… farm. So was not sure how it worked.
      Had nothing to do at the time and no defenses up so fast traveled and took care of the problem with a few rounds. But loss of crops, meh there are worsing things in life.

      I've got now 4 turrets in Sanctuary all aimed at the only hole in my defense.
      And 1 guard post in front of the flat i've build.
      So guess that is more than enough In defense, especially with Preston on the guard post.

      And stealth… Yeah it's always annoying, I usually use companions as mules. And they can be handy as a distraction sometimes, but that's about it. Normally I focus on long distance fights in the wasteland. Indoors I crouch and pay attention indoors, as enemies usually comment about sounds, so sitting still for them to come around the corner usually racks up stealth kills. After the first shot fired others will respond nevertheless.

      1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:13 # 0
        In some settlements enemies don't spawn outside of walls you build and can spawn inside buildings. Some even have fucking wallhacks and shoot through your solid steel walls.
      2. UnrealInstinc 16 november 2015, 19:47 # 0
        The purpose of putting settlers or companions on a guard post is to give the settlement defense.
        1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:12 # 0
          Settlers can die but when they are low health they will drop down like companions do and they are out of the battle but if the enemies continue to attack them they will die.
          1. Twisted 17 november 2015, 12:32 # 0
            Thanks, so you got to pay attention to it.
            But knowing myself, when I'm on a mission I usually don't feel like fast traveling back home…
            So hopefully Bethesda has something built in that settlements don't get attacked while being indoors.
            1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:59 # 0
              When you get the notification you have a long time until you fail the quest so you have plenty of time. Also after your defence gets to a certain point it's extremely rare to get attacked. My Sanctuary Hills has 143 defence and only been attacked 1 time in the 60 hour playtime and that attack was bullshit, turns out 3 of my settlers were synths.
            2. Twisted 17 november 2015, 13:40 # 0
              Lol really? That's actually a cool feature!
              Must say I dislike synths as soon I have heard of them, haven't encountered one yet, or have I?
              Believe I've got now a defense of around 60 and my settlers are stuck on 7… Even though I have about 15 food and 10 water with a happines of 70+.
              Only attack I had was as mentioned above, on a unprotected farm.

              Any idea how lights work?
              Do you really need 1 power for 1 light bulb?
              haven't tried it out yet but planning to. And does furniture or better beds make your settles more happy?
              Now just crammed 1 floor full with beddrolls.
              1. DMac1984 17 november 2015, 16:35 # 0
                I believe 1 generator will power most lightbulbs in a certain radius. You'll need to put a switch on the wall near your lights
                1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 16:58 # 0
                  Or just attack the very first light option onto the wall and run a wire to them all and they will work.
              2. Twisted 17 november 2015, 17:42 # 0
                Ahhh great! Thought I had to run wires all over the place. Thank god that's not mandatory.
                But it just looks more fun haha. Now all we need is windows…
                For the moment I have 4-floor-flat, without any windows it kinda looks silly.
                And want «my peeps» to be central, not that they move all over the place in Sanctuary in different houses.

                And the Settlement beacon, can you do anything to speed up the process of settlers coming in?
                And If you do have the local leader perk 2, does food get shared by Settlements? As otherwise I will focus on only a few Settlements instead of making a farm.

                Many thank in advance! Have a lot of limited time (bought a new house yay!), so kinda wanna play instead of testing out everything myself how it works haha.

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