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Is it possible to turn Concord into a settlement? If so, where is the workbench? Seems I've missed it if it's possible. Seems a far more strategic place than Sanctuary as it's far easier and less material consuming to put up some walls between houses and make 1 entry/exit with a few turrets guarding it.

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  1. Mitchhope 12 november 2015, 18:49 # 0
    I don't think it's possible. So far the only workbenches I've found are small towns and outposts, no cities.
    1. DMac1984 12 november 2015, 21:08 # 0
      anyone walling off their settlements? I spent a good amount of time walling off sanctuary and making defensive posts. Just started doing so at the drive in as well.
      1. oo ATUM oo 13 november 2015, 10:53 # 0
        I was about to do that, but then I realised it would cost a lot of materials and I wanted to see if the raiders attacked from anywhere other than the bridge (0 attacks so far). Have you been able to build a house to have a second floor? I can't see any options yet.
      2. Twisted 13 november 2015, 10:19 # +1
        Bummer, seems to have a lot of potential to actually create a town-looking settlement.
        I know it's supposed to be apocalyptic and all, just seems more logical for me that you would re-use a town than building shacks on the parking terrain of a drive in with radioactive pool in the middle.

        Just came across Lexington, seems to be a bit of more of the same.

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