If you haven't done this yet you already have made a mistake. (Highly recommended)

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If you guys think you have your character for your first play through figured out by knowing just the SPECIAL or general idea of the Perks your wanting to grab you have already made your first mistake in Fallout 4. Do not think that no level cap means that you will just max everything out eventually, while this is true, you could do that, it will take a considerable amount of time to do that legitimately.

You need to sit down at your computer, and get what I consider a idea of your first character. This is copied and pasted from my wordpad on my desktop to give you guys a idea.

BoS Soldier / Mercenary

S — 7
P — 4 = 5 for Demolition Expert
E — 3
C — 3
I — 5
A — 4
L — 2

Gun Nut 4
Armorer 4
Scrapper 2
Heavy Gunner 5
Steady Aim 2


V.A.N.S 1
Scrounger 1
Commando 5
Toughness 2
Life Giver 3
Demolition Expert 3
Hacker 5
Awareness 1
Lone Wanderer 3
Medic 1


OPTION 1: Level up Charisima 3 times for Local Leader, invest 2 into Local Leader = 5
Level up Agility 1 time for Action Boy, invest 1 point into Action Boy = 2
CHARACTER LEVEL 2 = Level up Perception 1 time for Demolition Expert = 1


Total = 50

Don't try to make too much sense of my notes, the spaces between the Perks with the totals below are their just because it made it easier for me to add everything up. Their is no priority level up order, the only thing I know for sure I am doing is putting 1 into Perception at level 2, I play it from hear after that.

You need to come up with a level 50 initial plan like I have done. In my opinion if you haven't done this you haven't even come up with a idea of your first character. You gotta have a plan.

EDIT: Ignore the replies below, mine included, its been confirmed by a lot of people on the Bethesda forum that it works the way I thought it did. Number of Perk Ranks are not necessarily confirmed, like how many ranks Gun Nut has, I trust my source though. I will just quote one persons reply from the thread I made on the Bethesda forum.

«Well it's answered now, but I typed this, so:
You have to buy the first and subsequent ranks.
You could put all your levelling up points into SPECIAL so by level 43 you had a SPECIAL of 10,10,10,10,10,10,10, excepting bobbleheads.
But if you did that you would have no perks.
A perk has a SPECIAL requirement.
'Science!' requires that you have Intelligence 6.
But you still have to spend a level up to get that perk.

So yes, everyone start planning your character now.

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  1. Vault 08 november 2015, 21:34 # 0
    Have spend a few hours doing just what you did here, but with other combinations. I do differ slightly with you on the calculation bit.
    Take Gun Nut 4 as a example. You count 4 levels but it should be only 3 as level 1 I take to be automatic with the getting of the perk as you can not have a perk with no worth. As this wiki does not have all the detail yet I worked with the detail given on this place fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_4_perks to fill the blanks.

    What you did here was to calculate all the levels/ranks in each perk subsection (strength/armorer) of that what you want for your character up to a total of 50 levels. You might find not all levels in every perk can be attained.
    Remember to also calculate for levels/rank you want to go up in a perk that you could not get in your starting special.
    This only works if we can only level up to level 50, if we can go up more or books help with leveling this all fails.
    1. Koldren 08 november 2015, 23:10 # 0
      Their are 4 ranks in Gun Nut from my source, that's 4 levels.

      Their is no level cap, I stated that.

      It's a plan, a initial idea. Everything makes sense. Their is not a perk that requires a level past 50 in the game (unless my source is wrong).

      Unless they give you the first rank in every Perk for free if you have the SPECIAL requirement I don't follow anything you said.
      1. Koldren 08 november 2015, 23:27 # 0
        I will add you don't need 3 hours to come up with a plan. Lets say fuck my source if no one minds my saying. What if its wrong, what if their is 3, 4 or even 5 ranks in Gun Nut. The only thing that could possibly be wrong in my character write up is if they give you the first Rank in a Perk for free if you have the required SPECIAL level.

        Its simple math, and you'll just haft to take my word for it that their is not a rank of a Perk that requires a level past 50.

        If they give you the first Rank in say Gunslinger if you have 2 Agility for free, as in you will do 20% more damage with Pistols just by having 1 point invested in Agility then fuck coming up with a plan, their is no point, that is so many points they give you to spend under level 50 your good, golden, you would haft to really try hard to mess up your character.

        The thing is in Skyrim their is not a level cap, but you level up by Skills, in Fallout 4 you level up like the rest of the Fallout games by killing things, completing quest, speech checks, etc. Even if you are planning on maxing everything out you should still come up with some sort of level up plan in my opinion.
      2. Senno 09 november 2015, 01:20 # +1
        It's less than 15 hours to go. I won one of the killer guides (yay me!) and it apparently has a great section on character creation. I'll be using that as a basis to create a character.
        1. oo ATUM oo 09 november 2015, 06:07 # 0
          Good on you for posting this. I have been doing the same thing since the recent leaks filled in the blanks for unknown perks. It's going to be crucial to have a plan that will optimise your play style and game enjoyment. Not long to wait
          1. Vault 09 november 2015, 06:48 # +1
            Ok, looks like I got it all wrong then. Will have to try and figure it out as I play. Sorry for the post.

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