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Does anybody know if you will be able to add to your perk levels like in Fallout 3 in the game.

My perk for the game is but some sacrifices had to be made.

Why did you chose your perks?

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  1. Blurshadow 07 november 2015, 20:24 # +1
    I explained in other thread, but i'll repeat:
    as u could see from the E3 presentationl, it seems that u can but stat point for perk point, so basically u can afford urself max stats for every S.P.E.C.I.A.L., but then it depends on lvl cap, so if the level cap is 50 then for max stats u will spend 42 perk point, then u will have only 8 more for perks… And there is still no info about bobbleheads bonuses…
    1. Mitchhope 07 november 2015, 23:17 # +1
      There is no level cap.
      1. Blurshadow 08 november 2015, 02:29 # 0
        in this case u can do even more then i expected, thx for info.
    2. Vault 07 november 2015, 20:35 # 0
      Thank you, sorry for missing your post. I just scanned the topics. May I ask what type of play/character do you aim for, just a practical like mine or a more talker lucky type?
      1. Blurshadow 07 november 2015, 22:41 # +1
        i would like to create smth like: and this is only for the start, i can explain why such stats.
        Str=3 is needed for «armorer» perk, maybe it is not needed from the very start of the game, but it should also increase ur carry weight. maybe i will raise it to 4 for «blacksmith», but it used only for MELEE modifications, and i want to focus on ranged combat.
        Per=9 is needed for «penetrator», geez shoot through walls seems cheat, but not just shoot but even aim through walls in VATS… Also it is needed for better accuracy and for «sniper» perk at PER=8 and i want to focus on sniper style play…
        End=1 of cause i will have low health but i haven't seen any valuable perks for sniper there…
        Cha=1 i`m going to play solo, but maybe i will raise it later, not sure if i need to waste stats just for an «atack dog» perk
        Int=5 i'm not sure if it affect skill point gain per lvl as in previous part, but still i want to have perks like «gun nut», «engineer», maybe «science» so i will raise it to 6 later…
        Agi=8 cause it affects action points and i'm aiming for «gun fu» perk so i will raise it later to 10, also need «action boy/girl»
        Luck=1 with new critical system it is almost unneeded stat, but i will need it at least at 3 later for «bloody mess» perk (as far as i remember from E3 presentation it has 5lvl and gives u +5% dmg for each lvl...)

        Anyway i want to count all perks/stats when i will have all the info about what each perk do, cause right now there are too many blind spots…
        I hope i helped you with my build/guide.
        1. Vault 08 november 2015, 07:42 # 0
          Thanks very much. Its clear to see your character through your stats. As you said you play alone and I would most likely to as I always do, but not to mess up your stats have a look at cha level 3. Being lone wanderer can help carry more and looks to be more valuable for me anyway than strength.
        2. Blurshadow 08 november 2015, 08:10 # 0
          maybe u're right, but still want to travel with dogmeat and i think most of us want to check this companion features/options, then anyway i want to build my own outpost, so i will raise Cha to 6 for «local leader» perk,
          and str 3 is still needed for «armorer»
          1. Vault 08 november 2015, 08:18 # 0
            Agree on dogmeat and the outpost building, but once I have a place for dogmeat to stay he will be guarding that and I will be solo. The dog or any companion might not work well with stealth wich I want to get to later on.
          2. Blurshadow 08 november 2015, 10:35 # 0
            good point, maybe i will follow ur advice, seems quite good.
            1. DMac1984 08 november 2015, 19:31 # 0
              My build is very similar. S3.P7.E2.C1.I5.A8.L2… I tried to set it up as best I could to only be 2 special points away from any perk I may want. My first goal will be to hunt down bobble heads, then I will only need to use a couple levels to boost my character to what I think would be best. I'm going stealthy/assassin type.
              1. Blurshadow 08 november 2015, 22:07 # 0
                Too bad that still no info about bobbleheads bonuses…
                1. DMac1984 08 november 2015, 23:53 # 0
                  I heard from a little birdy that my plan will work with the way bobble heads work in the game. :) I dont want to spoil anything so I won't go into more detail.
                  1. Vault 09 november 2015, 06:52 # 0
                    Good luck finding the correct bobbleheads. I just never seam to find them without reading up later on after I did the game.
                    1. Blurshadow 09 november 2015, 08:26 # 0
                      I had found some by my own, but still not all of them. Anyway i need to know obout their bonuses to count my character pre-build.
                      1. Vault 09 november 2015, 08:37 # 0
                        Maybe for the first play through just leave them as a… bonus?
              2. Blurshadow 09 november 2015, 19:01 # 0
                I can give the info about +1 Perception bobblehead…
                1. irish_lad 08 january 2016, 03:23 # 0
                  Science 1
                  I love energy weapons and you need it to get the mods for them
                  1. irish_lad 08 january 2016, 03:23 # 0
                    Attack Dog, I spend a lot of time with dogmeat as I find him very useful and this makes combat heaps better with him
                    1. irish_lad 08 january 2016, 03:25 # 0
                      Medic, Bloody essential, saves heaps of stimpaks and radaway
                      1. irish_lad 08 january 2016, 03:26 # 0
                        Life giver, nice health bonus

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