Well I hate Game.co.uk and Yorkshire Bank

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Mitchhope Rating: 330.10
Yorkshire bank gave everyone who had an Maestro debit card a free change to a Master card debit card and immediately deactivated all of their old cards. This literally only happened 2 weeks ago. Been in contact with Game and all they said was they could take my contact details and get in contact with me if there is more stock. In other words Yorkshire bank fucked me out of getting a pip boy edition. I'm definably not the only one either. If you go on Game's twitter it is full of people trying to get info/help

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  1. Razor 06 november 2015, 14:11 # 0
    That’s really terrible!!! Hope everything will be OK Mitchhope. If many people suffered from that maybe GAME will find a way to solve the problem. Keep us informed please. I want to know how this will end.
    1. Whalwing25 06 november 2015, 18:06 # 0
      Mitch! I wouldn't give up yet as this is happening to a lot of people. Chances are they will fix your problem and you will be using that pip-boy soon!
      1. Mitchhope 06 november 2015, 18:10 # 0
        Yeah just had a look online and it's happening to hundreds of people and all of my friends that have bought it are having the same issue. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-11-06-fallout-4-fans-furious-as-game-cancels-pip-boy-edition-pre-orders
        1. Whalwing25 06 november 2015, 18:12 # +1
          I really hope they figure it out for you. It is ridiculous that you pay all this money and they are like «oh well». I hate to see this happen to someone on here let alone a fan!
          1. Mitchhope 06 november 2015, 20:43 # +2
            Bit of an update. When you pre-order Fallout 4 from game they invite you to a group on facebook which holds giveaways and events and it's managed by game employees and the creator of the group has said "
            Evening, we would like to confirm that if you have pre-ordered Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition at GAME, your order is safe.

            Customers that ordered on GAME.co.uk will receive an update on their order via email in the next 48 hours.

            Thank you for your patience, your Pip-Boy Edition order is still reserved and will not be released for general sale."
            1. Whalwing25 06 november 2015, 20:45 # 0
              Thank god for you! I am happy to hear that you are all good!
      2. Senno 07 november 2015, 04:21 # 0
        Bugger. Hope you can work it out.
        1. Mitchhope 09 november 2015, 21:01 # +1
          About god damn time. Even after the 48 hours they said they would get in contact with everyone they eventually phoned me. Does mean that I won't be able to play it release day though. I might just torrent it for PC until it comes.

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