Ending spoilt by steam discussion

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Senno Rating: 291.10
After being so careful to avoid this — I went to the steam discussion page. It is unmoderated, far as I can tell. Stupid, considering how big the previous Fallouts on the service are, and of course, Skyrim. This is a public safety message DO NOT GO ON THE STEAM DISCUSSION FORUMS. Not only is the ending spoilt in messages, its on the title of the post — you can't miss it.

I've had the ending spoilt for me and I'm incredibly pissed off about it. Do not fall for the same mistake. Knowing what the ending is without the context of the game just ruins for me what should be an exceptional experience. I say again DO NOT GO ON THE STEAM DISCUSSION FORUMS.

That is all.

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  1. Razor 06 november 2015, 10:11 # 0
    Terrible story Senno. Thanks for notification. Hope you will enjoy the game anyway.
    1. Senno 06 november 2015, 10:59 # 0
      Reddit does appear safe (for now), they do have spoiler filters. But I would avoid that, as well as youtube comments for now.

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