Moddling other types of armor

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CLeary we can mod power armor, but what about light armor or maybe make armor more stealth. I mean you could get very detailed with this if they go that route. What would you like to see

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  1. GSR 16 october 2015, 01:14 # 0
    Modding. Apologies for the title
    1. Senno 16 october 2015, 03:52 # 0
      Hehe — Middling could work as well. I like the idea of being able to play stealth on ocassion, and I don't think Power Armor can really work for that. It's so shiny! The garage could be a place we return to in order to change out armor.

      As for modifying it — I doubt it. There is so much that's been said of modifying the power armor that it just doesn't sound feasible that the same attention has been brought to the other armor likely found throughout the game.
      1. Mitchhope 16 october 2015, 11:06 # 0
        I think maybe they might add that in the future if it isn't out at launch but I doubt it would be as in depth as the power armour customisation and it would probably only be something like slight colour changes and different armour plates. But don't take my word for it because I just think that it'd be a smart move considering what they've already put into the game.
        1. Fives 16 october 2015, 19:24 # 0
          They modding system is very simple it seems, you have to find blueprints for other types of power armor and then get materials to make it and each piece adds a new affect like Health, Weight, Damage Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Armor value(Damage Blocked), and Power limit(Time to Use the Suit).
          1. TheMadHatter 16 october 2015, 20:13 # 0
            Yes. You can choose Left-Leg/Right-Leg/Torso/Left-Arm/Right-Arm/Mask/Optical/hat/helmet on everything.

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