Return of deathclaws

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So its a love hate relationship but from the E3 video clearly even with the brotherhood armor suit they are pretty damaging, so this makes me wonder if they are even stronger than the past two games. Whats your strategy for them other than v.a.t.s v.a.t.s v.a.t.s lol

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  1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 22:38 # 0
    I'm going to have high stealth and only use long range snipers, pistols or one handed melee for close range. I also never use V.A.T.S. So I'm probably either going to avoid them until I get higher damaging weapons or hope to get really good stealth crits. :p
    1. GSR 16 october 2015, 01:07 # 0
      Yea range is my goal so we will see
      1. Senno 16 october 2015, 03:58 # 0
        Definitely V.A.T.S. I wonder if I could take them out kind of like in Dead Space, piece by piece. I'd really love to be able to shatter their legs so they can't move before I Nuka Launcher them.
        1. Mitchhope 16 october 2015, 13:33 # 0
          What I took from that was that some enemies will have kill animations, like dragons in Skyrim. I don't really like this though because sometimes in Skyrim dragons would 1 shot you from full health with them.

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