Chance of Enclave or Outcast?

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I know the outcast were mainly fallout 3 but the enclave as big as they are and with what appears to be flying attack ships, they seem perfect to fit the criteria. Thoughts?

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  1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 23:08 # 0
    Yes I believe so! As I've stated in another thread. I think the enclave will be in Fallout 4, but they will be defeated, trying to get back on their feet or they might have a secret weapon, who knows. But for the outcast… I don't think so… From what I've see and know. In Fallout 4 the BOS is a variant of BOS: East and they try to help when they can, as a secondary objective… They are all unified. There might be some traitors, but I don't think there will be a major faction like the Outcast in Fallout 3. :/. But who know?! Todd Howard. That's who. We will find out on the 10th!
    1. GSR 16 october 2015, 01:09 # 0
      I think it'll prove very interesting. I hope we can join a faction this go around
      1. Mitchhope 16 october 2015, 13:32 # 0
        As i've said in another thread I'm assuming that Enclave will have a presence in Falluot 4 as well as the Brotherhood of Steel. Even if the Enclave are in the game we can't be sure if they are enemies in the ga,e. Because from my deduction Fallout 4 is set in 2277 because vault 111 opened 200 years after the great war, which was 2077, the same year as Fallout 3 so the Enclave could still be a big threat. In Fallout New Vegas there isn't much Enclave pressence because it is set a 4 years after Fallout 3 and the Enclave have been hunted down by the Brotherhood. I don't think the Outcasts will be in because they are based in DC and a lot of their forces were killed during Operation Anchorage so they won't even be able to expand because of how little trust they have in outsiders and as I've said earlier Fallout 4 is the same year as Fallout 3 so it is possible that they could be in the game but unlikely.
        1. Fives 16 october 2015, 19:06 # 0
          The enclave may not make a appearance at all, they simply have no reason to be in Boston unless they are at war with the BoS who are positioned there. but if that's the case we might have the option to side with either one or the other. If you do what side would you pick? the Enclave do things behind others back making them not that trust worthy, but the Brotherhood don't help the civilians much leading them to be selfish.
          1. GSR 16 october 2015, 19:09 # 0
            I could see it being a choice since in the video you are attacking a brotherhood initiate so it may be possible or maybe it's a who new group. Someone has to be at it with bis otherwise they have no real purpose other than hunting mutants
          2. Koldren 16 october 2015, 22:36 # 0
            It will be remnants if anything, I am sure the Enclave will be a subject in Fallout 4, but I don't think it will be a faction no. The BoS in Boston are basically the Enclave far as technology and power goes. I don't see how the Enclave could compete with the BoS that are in Boston in this game. I mean but who knows, we can only speculate.
            1. Fives 17 october 2015, 03:02 # 0
              they can only be reminants if its true that the wanderer has been asleep for 200 years, but people have been saying yhat Codsworth is broken a bit and over exadurated that its 200 years instead its been 20 maybe? so it could be a small group of enclave or somethings bigger.
              1. Koldren 17 october 2015, 03:12 # 0
                Hmm interesting

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