Caravan type card game?

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One of my favourite small activities in New Vegas was collecting cards. I used to get this small jump of happiness when I saw a vendor had a card I didn't. And winning a game was always fun too.

Do you think Fallout 4 will have a card game or similar mini-game that could be played against NPC's?

One of the reasons Final Fantasy 8 was remembered was for Triple Triad (I loved that game).

Anyway, think we'll get a card game? I would love that.

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  1. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 12:03 # +1
    I hope not. I absolutly hated Caravan it was such a pain in the ass to get the total amount of cards required to actually play the game and to me the rules of the game made no sense. It was one of the worst trophies for NV cos you had to win 30 matches for a minigame that with rules I didn't understand and I didn't give a crap about.
    1. Senno 15 october 2015, 12:43 # 0
      Perhaps not Caravan itself, but something along those lines.
      1. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 13:11 # 0
        It wouldn't surprise me if they did create a new minigame but all I want is Blackjack to return. one of the easiest ways to make money in NV.
        1. Whalwing25 15 october 2015, 14:44 # 0
          I would guess not, caravan seems like a west coast thing. It could be brought to Boston but I would say no.
      2. Halic 15 october 2015, 16:14 # 0
        i was not really interested in the card game caravan just couldn't understand it.
        1. GSR 15 october 2015, 19:41 # 0
          between jetpacks, house building, mods and an endless leveling, who has time for card games lol. Would be interesting
          1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 22:56 # 0
            There's going to be gambling probably, but it's either going to be frowned upon or illegal and there are back-ally games… Cannot wait to find out!

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