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So far only four have been revealed:



-Preston Garvey


though it's been mentioned there's «around a dozen» or so in the game.

If that's the case, there is still the option for returning characters from older games. Do you think we might see one?

Or what do you hope to see in a companion?

Will they all have personal quests?

Will you romance a character?

Will you take the perk allowing you to have two companions?

Or even the perk that allows you to make temporary companions (and have a mount — to boot).

I'm undecided. Dogmeat is unkillable, and that makes him an excellent option, but I'm curious about the unknowns. It's possible that in a playthrough, some will be locked out by choosing others. Or that they could be missed.

What are your thoughts about the companions released so far and all the other questions?

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  1. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 12:08 # 0
    Most likely you will always have Dogmeat with you and I think there is going to be a time in the game where Dogmeat gets killed and if this does happen you might be able to turn Dogmeat into a cyborg dog like Rex in NV. Or similarly you might get a robot companion which you could actually customise and control which weaponry it has installed on it.
    1. Whalwing25 15 october 2015, 14:45 # 0
      There is already a post about this. Please refer to the other post!

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