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On one of the E3 videos its shown that the Power Armor has a jetpack. Obviously, this is early in the game — but do you think that there might be an option later into the game where we could use the jetpack for extended sequences? And what does this mean for invisible walls or hidden areas?

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  1. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 12:11 # 0
    My theaory is that there is going to be some quests in the game which you use it but outside of that I doubt it's usable because it would make the game pretty easy. Same with the Vertibird, I think it's going to be used like Dragon Riding in Skyrim where you can summon it but you can only use it in a certain area, for fast travel and you don't have complete control over it.
    1. Senno 15 october 2015, 14:12 # 0
      Maybe it could be that they require a certain fuel, and that fuel is difficult to come by. Or it's easy to come by, but the jetpack itself is not that great.

      I remember loving the jetpack in GTA: SA (and I really want one in GTA V), I guess I just like the idea of flying around with a Nuka Launcher and raining death.
      1. Fives 15 october 2015, 16:05 # 0
        Its not a jet pack its a jump jet a jet pack allows you to hover in place for awhile, a jump jet sends you forward with a burst of speed but since its equipped to that bug metal suit you don't go as fast or far. But i know its not equippable by the player.

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